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Yes for Highline!

We are a committee of concerned citizens and parents from White Center, Burien, Normandy Park, Seatac, and Des Moines who support our local school funding measures by promoting the Highline Public Schools bonds and levies.

We know great schools make safe and thriving communities. Our schools depend on local funding for 21% of the dollars it takes to operate schools with strong programs that serve the children of our community well.

Capital improvement bonds fund the replacement of our aging schools and the building of new schools to address our growing student population.

Yes for Highline! is actively planning for the future. Our community must invest in our schools in order for them to continue offering the services they currently provide.

We are a citizen organization made up of parents, community members, business owners, neighbors and others who want strong schools in Highline. We work together to support passage of school construction bonds and school operations levies.

Top 10 Facts About The Highline Bond

  1. Our students need room to learn.
  2. Our students need safe schools.
  3. A community-led group, known as the Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee, developed a long-term plan to ensure students have room to learn.
  4. Voter-approved bonds are the only way to fund school construction and renovation.
  5. Only our most urgent needs are included in the November 8th bond package.
  6. The bond addresses our most urgent needs while keeping costs to taxpayers low.
  7. We will be eligible for state matching funds to make our local investment go even further.
  8. Highline Public Schools has a track record of fiscal responsibility.
  9. Senior citizens and disabled property owners can receive a property-tax deduction.
  10. You can make our kids, schools and community stronger by voting Yes for Prop 1 / Highline Schools bond by November 8th!

Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) Report to the Board of Directors

A dedicated and sincere forty member citizens’ committee met for almost a year to study the issues in order to make a recommendation to the Highline Public Schools to help alleviate the problems with capacity, security and modernization. It was a great learning experience for all of us. The district staff served as a resource for the committee. Questions were researched and answered.

All of the meetings helped us reach consensus on many issues regarding our priorities for new buildings and for security and modernization. Those issues are addressed in the recommendations. However, the committee (CFAC) developed a longer range plan to address so many issues that can only be funded with Capital Funds, which are raised by bonds.

There is a four step process outlined in the proposal. Please take the time to read it. The only proposal which will make it to the election, and that is step one. We hope our communities will come together to support this very important step to provide safe and secure rooms and schools for our teachers and students.

  • Coming together to learn.

  • We feel the pain.

  • We have a plan.

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  • The safety and security of our students is of the utmost priority in King County. Part of that work is making sure school buildings are as safe as we can make them. I endorse the Highline Public Schools Prop. 1 bond on Nov. 8 because it will help make each school safer. The bond’s safety measures will help students and teachers focus on what they need to do in the classroom. I urge residents in Highline Public Schools to vote yes on this critical bond measure.

    John Urquhart King County Sheriff
  • Our children in this community deserve better. Not only is this a critical time in terms of getting the facilities that we need, but it sends such a strong message to our children: that we believe in them, that we are investing in them, that we will continue to expect much of them, but give them support that is commensurate with that level of expectation.

    Dr. Susan Enfield Superintendent, Highline Public Schools
  • As a product of Highline public schools I know how hard our teacher's and district leaders work to provide a world-class education with limited resources. Some of our students face the kinds of hardship and insecurity that many of us could never imagine. Continuing our community's long commitment to safe, efficient, and forward-thinking school buildings is a critical step in preparing the next generation.

    Sen. Joe Fain (R-Auburn)
  • As a Tyee High School graduate, I know the value of a great education from Highline Schools. I enthusiastically support the Yes for Highline campaign to ease overcrowding, and provide a safe, 21st century learning environment for all students.

    Congressman Adam Smith
  • This is a great place to be from. I'm very proud to be from Highline High School. I graduated from here in 1979 and I think it might have been a pretty tired building then.

    Brad Tilden CEO of Alaska Airlines
  • As a mother, I strongly believe our children deserve to be educated in buildings with functioning infrastructure and the capacity to support evolving technology. I strongly encourage a YES vote!

    Melissa Musser Des Moines City Council Member
  • I proudly endorse the Yes for Highline campaign to pass this critical bond that will ensure every student can learn in a safe, 21st century environment and achieve their full potential.

    Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-Burien)
  • Growing up in Burien and attending Gregory Heights Elementary put me on a path to success because I had a community that supported and invested in me. It's crucial we pass this bond to invest in the next generation of Highline leaders. I urge a yes vote on Prop. 1!

    Dave Upthegrove King County Councilmember

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