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Community Leaders

This is a great place to be from. I'm very proud to be from Highline High School. I graduated from here in 1979.

Brad Tilden CEO of Alaska Airlines

Levy funding allows us to provide the education our community expects for our children. Until the state fully funds education, our levy is critical.

Dr. Susan Enfield Superintendent, Highline Public Schools

Growing up in Burien and attending Gregory Heights Elementary put me on a path to success because I had a community that supported and invested in me. It's crucial we pass this levy to invest in the next generation of Highline leaders. I urge you to vote to approve the levy!

Dave Upthegrove King County Councilmember

As a Tyee High School graduate, I know the value of a great education from Highline Schools. I enthusiastically support the Yes for Highline campaign to ease overcrowding, and provide a safe, 21st century learning environment for all students.

Congressman Adam Smith

I proudly endorse the Yes for Highline campaign to pass this critical levy that will ensure every student can learn in a safe, 21st century environment and achieve their full potential.

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-Burien)

As a product of Highline public schools I know how hard our teacher's and district leaders work to provide a world-class education with limited resources. Some of our students face the kinds of hardship and insecurity that many of us could never imagine. Continuing our community's long commitment to safe, efficient, and forward-thinking school buildings is a critical step in preparing the next generation.

Sen. Joe Fain (R-Auburn)

“As a mother of four, two of which are in Highline Public Schools, in the 1st and 3rd grades, I strongly support this levy. I want my children and their classmates to have the best start in their education, and I know that smaller class sizes, funding for school nurses and teacher training days allow for that. As an elected official, I know that levies such as this help bridge the gap between what the state should be funding, and where we are really at. I will be voting in favor of this new, less expensive levy for the future of ALL our children.”

Krystal Marx, Burien City Councilmember


the Chamber offers their support for the Highline Public Schools Prop. 1 on November 8th because it will make a long term investment for education and workforce development by providing the space, tools and resources teachers need to do their best work as well as for the next generation of students whom we depend on for future development and economic success in our region.

View the full endorsement and see the article on BTown Blog.

Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the CFAC committee I personally highly recommend and endorse this bond measure. We need to pass this bond for our kids and their future.

Linda Cook

I am a member of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council board, happy to report that we endorsed Yes for Highline Schools at tonight’s meeting on a 7-1 vote.

North Highline Unincorporated Area Council

The League of Education Voters has officially voted to endorse the bond.

The North Hill PTSA has officially voted to endorse the bond.

The HEA Executive Board has officially voted to endorse the Highline Bond. Our students and staff deserve to learn and work in safe and healthy buildings! Please support them by voting YES on November 8th!

Highline Education Association Executive Board

The Gregory Heights PTSA has officially voted to endorse the bond.

Community Members

I am a long time proponent of the need for public schools. My own children have gone through the Highline Public Schools and I’ve always been pleased and impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of teachers and staff. But we need new school buildings! My own children will have graduated by the time any new buildings are built, but I am happy to provide for the children coming up through the grades now and in the future. I know that the children of my community are MY children too and we, as a community, need to support, provide and encourage them all.

Scotti Andrews

This is a critical need – not just for education either. We need to show that Highline invests in its own future, the same way any of our urban areas of Puget Sound do. We need better schools – the students and families want this, the teachers want this, the district wants it, local business and political leaders want this. Pay it forward just like someone once did for us when we were younger.

David Ruby, Highline teacher

As a parent and a community member, I fully endorse the Yes for Highline campaign for our students, families, staff, and our future.

Melissa Ponder

I support VOTE Yes for Highline Schools. The school district is like a puzzle. Many many pieces needed to complete the puzzle. Having enough money to budget is a very important piece. Without a good school district people with school age children will move to other districts that have better schools and a finished puzzle.

Patti Gifford

theresa-scottschaeferThere is no other mechanism to fund much-needed local public school construction, modernization or updates than to vote YES for this new, voter-approved School Bond measure. And yes, we (the local Publishers of The B-Town and five other local blogs) are biased, as we have a very personal stake in this issue – our two children have both been educated at local schools, and our youngest is now a student at the decaying Highline High School. We strongly believe that education is the foundation for a community’s strength and prosperity, and this bond is the answer!

Scott & Theresa Schaefer

All of us have been educated in buildings built at the expense of the local taxpayer. Let’s do the same for our children. I encourage you to vote Yes for Highline on November 8th, 2016.

View Rose’s letter to B-Town Blog

Rose Clark

I’m a proud employee, parent and alumni of Highline Public Schools. Let’s make our schools safer for our kids by passing this bond.

Lori Box

Yes for Highline!!

Gracie Robledo-Stephens

I believe in quality schools for all students so I am absolutely in favor of the upcoming bond for Highline Public Schools. Please vote YES!

Kirsten Gunn

The Highline Citizen Advisory Committee was right. Highline Public Schools needs to replace two aging buildings and to build a new middle school to alleviate the overcrowding. The citizens worked hard to address the immediate needs and to develop a long range plan while staying in the most cost efficient mode for our taxpayers. I support Prop 1. I hope you will as well. We need to pay it forward in the same way it was done for us as students.

Charles Tuman

Our kids deserve better.

Jennifer Hefford-Anderson

Yes for Highline!

Chad Harper

I grew up in the Highline School District and I taught for 36 years in the Highline District. I know the district’s students, staff , and community need this bond to pass.

Carlyn Roedell

I support the Highline school bond.

Ken Rogers

Join me in supporting our schools, our students, and our community. Vote Yes for Highline Schools!

Georgia Locher

The community needs it.

Mackenzie Allan

I fully say YES for Highline

Jen Pilgrim

My wife my kids and I are all graduates of this district. The need has never been greater and it’s time to give back.

David Larson


Kathy Reed


Liam Allan

This is perhaps the most important bond measure Highline has ever faced. We support this measure without ANY reservation. VOTE YES!

Deke Jones

Vote Yes for the kids and the community!

Janel Stoneback

Yes for Highline!

Amy Rosenfield

Better facilities lead to better learning. The building made the school and staff in general seem less professional. As a current college student, I was far from prepared for this level of education, and it certainly had part to do with the quality of the building, or lack thereof.

Allen Braun

Always supporting the pirates in any way I can!

Jose Bermudez

I support YES for Highline’s Prop 1! The staff and kids need our support!

Rexanne Graham

I’m a recent 2016 HHS graduate and I say yes for Highline

Annabel Atienzo

I attended Highline for 4 years and in that time, I witnessed the many setbacks of having an outdated building. While I no longer attend the school it is my hope that future students are given the opportunity to have a better and healthier learning environment.

Chloe McDougall

William & Jill Wunch endorse the Yes for Highline! campaign.

Jill Wunch

I believe Highline students deserve safe and supportive schools. This bond will support big projects and multiple smaller project at many district facilities, like Waskowitz! A yes folk is good for all students in Highline.

Roberta McFarland

Our children deserve a SAFE, HEALTHY environment! Show them they matter!

Constance Williams

Please support our terrific students and hardworking educators with your YES vote!

Sandy Hunt

This is the right proposal! Supporting this bond is one of the smartest investments we can make in our community. Our youth deserve quality learning environments that will serve generations. I’m all in!

John Welch

I work serve this community and work at HHS – I believe our students deserve the very best we can give them and need us to do what’s right for them.

Yanina Aronova

yes for Highline!

Lisa Foote

Yes for Highline!!

Kyle Moor

I grew up in Highline Schools, K-12. HHS c/o 1995. 12 years and counting as a teacher at Sylvester Middle School. I have a 5th and 3rd grader, in the district, with my last soon to join the ranks. As a Highline Alum, I’m proud to still be here, working with the youth of Burien. I have all the faith in the world that my kids and students will thrive, especially if given the chance to do so in facilities in which they can take pride. Take my word for it; it’s time to move on this. Our kids really need it. If you don’t believe me, take a visit to Cascade, Pacific, Chinook, & Sylvester MS; or Highline, Tyee, or Evergreen HS. These schools are not suited for 21st Century learners and cannot support 21st Century technology. Aside from all of that, these buildings pose a significant health risk. Vote YES.

Breck Ivy

Highline is dedicated to the academic and social – emotional growth every student needs to be successful! Let’s ensure that our buildings and structures support that too!!

Kathy Emerick

Yes for Highline

Olivia Cukierman

It’s time we focus on the safety and wellness of our students. Vote YES for Highline Schools!

Aaron Garcia (Evergreen C/O 2005)

Yes! Endorsement for Highline.

Juanita Palaki

I support the bond because I want the children of my community to learn in an environment which is safe, clean and conducive to learning!

Laura Denman

As a recent graduate of highline schools, I vote yes!

Christina Nguyen

Our kids are our future. Our community will only thrive if our youth are well educated and become productive as adults. Your home’s value is tied in part to the upkeep of public assets but also the future adults living here.

John Nelson

As a Highline Alum, the conditions of Highline High School and other Highline Public Schools are desperately in need of restructure, remodel and community investment. Our youth are strong, creative and intelligent and deserve adequate materials, resources and a space that allows their growth to prosper. Show them that their education and their futures deserve to be supported!

Losa Berhane

The foundation of our community is the quality of or schools. We need to provide first class facilities for our students. I support Prop. 1 and will vote yes for Highline Schools.

Craig Melius

Our students deserve room to learn in safe schools! Vote yes for Prop 1!

Alyssa McCaslin


Miyoung Nghi

I support Higlhline Public Schools!

Lolita O'Donnell

As a parent of two children who graduated from the HSD, I have spent many hours working to better the learning environment for our students. We have some amazing students here, and they all deserve the best we can provide in programs and after school opportunities. But our most pressing need is to upgrade our aging facilities. Our students deserve healthy and safe schools and the best chance we can give them to succeed. Vote Yes for Highline!

Elizabeth Leavitt

Every student needs a safe place to learn. Yes for Kids

Ruth Easterling

In the workplace, companies are renovating and updating their office spaces to be more comfortable and accommodating to their employees. In return, the employer will see increased productivity, a better company culture and staff retention. It is time we adopt this model for our students and teachers. I will be voting YES FOR HIGHLINE!

Mike Yellam

I went there and the building is in terrible condition.

Oscar Kovacs

Dear neighbors, It’s time to stand together and support our students with ample space to learn in secure and safe buildings. Vote yes for Highline students.

Nancy Melius

As a long time resident, the product of the Highline School District, and former employee I recognize the need for new facilities. I add my enthusiastic support for the Highline Schools levy and encourage everyone else to support it as well. The community needs to continue to offer great schools and to do that we need to provide the support for this levy.

Jerry Heigh

Our students deserve the best we can give them! YES for Highline!!

Kellie Hernandez

To be a vibrant, desirable community, it is critical that Highline provides safe schools with adequate classroom space and up-to-date technology. We need to support our students, families and teachers by approving the bond.

Eric Mathison

Modern, safe and vibrant schools are a win for everyone!

Valerie Allan

As a HSD teacher, community member, and parent of 2 Highline alumni and 1 current Highline student, I wholly endorse Yes for Highline. Please vote Yes!

Traci Washington

Our students and staff need your support to build new schools!

Sue McCabe

I strongly support our students, and our students need more space, along with better improvements for safety and technology.

Mindi Welton-Mitchell

Safe, modern, inviting school buildings provide the encouragement students need to make the most of their education. A yes vote for this bond demonstrates our community’s commitment to our students’ education and promotes the best-possible learning environments to help all of our students succeed.

Owen Sallee

Yes for Highline!

Vanessa Banner

Our community deserves well-educated and well-prepared students. Our students deserve buildings that keep them safe and healthy. This is difficult when we have buildings that are falling apart. Please vote yes on the bond. Please have pride in our community and our students.

Kim Schulze

Yes for Highline!

Fa'izah Bradford


Linda Kinney

I choose to send all of my children to the Highline School District, my wife is a teacher in the Highline School District and I am a graduate from Mt. Rainier High School. I believe my children’s education is excellent as was mine. To continue with our schools and community moving in a positive direction I feel it is extremely important to support the bond and vote YES.

Danny House

Our students need our community to rally together to show that we care! Vote YES!

Jessica Ma

This bond supports building safe and appropriate space for our students and teachers. It also supports many critical needs district wide. Our students and staff deserve the best! It is our obligation to provide the best.

Scott Logan

This is what our students need!

Tim Schlosser

As a Highline graduate, resident, and employee, I daily witness benefits reaped from investing in our students. Providing each student the dignity of a quality learning facility strengthens our community. Vote Yes for Schools.

Christina Larsen

As a teacher, parent, and resident of Highline I ask you to join me in voting yes. Our kids and community deserve it!

Jeb Binns

As a graduate of Midway Elementary, Pacific Middle School, and Mount Rainier High School and now a parent of a 1st grader in Highline Public Schools I endorse this bond to provide all students with a space to learn and grow that is safe and provides supports to make them college, career and citizenship ready!

Katie Anthis

Yes! Our schools need this bond to continue to thrive as well as lay the foundation for the future of Highline students.

Megan Shea

We can’t think of a better legacy for the future.

Marty and Kathy Martinson

Gregory Heights PTSA members unanimously voted to support the bond and declare Yes for Highline! We did our homework, researched the details and voted to support. We are looking toward our future and the future of all our students and community.

Linda Farnsworth

We are in desperate need for more space in our schools. If this bond passes, we will be able to relieve our teaching staff by lowering elementary class sizes.

Rebekah Kim

As a teacher at HHS I see first hand every day that our kids deserve this bond. Please vote Yes! for Highline Schools.

Dave Ruppert

I fully support this bond measure to help our schools with much needed improvements and and security updates! I have 2 kids in Elementary and its so crowded! The school administrators are making it work best they can and we love them for that, but this bond will help eliminate the over crowding and will also bring security updates to all of our schools! In this day and age we want to make sure school remains a safe place for our children to learn and grow! Vote YES on Prop 1!!!

Christy Peterson


Rahul Gulati


Debbie Brookbank

I endorse passage of the school bond. I wholeheartedly encourage all to vote Yes for Highline, for the good of our students and especially for the good of our community.

Cynthia Murrill

As a graduate of Highline Public Schools, we need to let our students know that our investment in them and their community is critical. Vote Yes for Highline

Joe Van

Our children are the future and they need safe and new buildings with the capacity for modern technology to have the best education possible.

Deborah Ellis

This is for our children, for our schools and for our community. I strongly support Yes for Highline!

Lisa Tuman

Having new schools just adds to the enthusiasm of learning. Students will take pride in their environment. I support the bond issue for Highline School District.

Tom Sawyer, Former Principal of Highline High School


Rachel Cousino

If you’d like to show your support of Yes for Highline!, please submit your endorsement or volunteer to help out!