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KIRO7: Once again, Highline schools in fight for bond measure

BURIEN, Wash. – UPDATE: We originally reported a quote from an opponent, stating that taxes would increase as property values increase. That was referring to potential future bonds. When referring to only this bond, as property values increase, and as more properties are added to the tax roll, the rate would decrease. The taxes a household pays for this specific bond would then likely stay the same or decrease year to year.

Two dozen parents, students and supporters in the Highline School District rallied Monday afternoon for a bond measure they say is badly needed.

The bond has failed with voters twice before.

To pass, it needs two-thirds support, and last year, it narrowly lost with 55 percent of the vote.

This time, the bond initiative is for $299 million, compared to the February 2015 bond for $376 million and the November 2014 bond for $385 million, both of which failed.

The new amount would cost $395 per year for the owner of a $500,000 house.

Supporters use Highline High School in Burien as an example for why the bond is needed, since the school is more than 90 years old. The last remodel was done in 1989.

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superlativeKIRO7: Once again, Highline schools in fight for bond measure

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